Vanilla Bean Paste

I’m unsure that we’ll be patient enough to wait 3 months for our vanilla essence to be ready to use, so plan B has been made:

Vanilla Bean Paste!
Again, another easy recipe, with the added bonus that it can be used immediately.

120 g coconut or rapadura sugar
60 g water
6 vanilla beans (chopped into about 4 pcs each)
pinch of salt

1. Combine sugar and water, to make a syrup on a low heat in a double boiler or thermi (5 min, 50 deg, sp 2).
2. Add chopped vanilla beans and salt to syrup in blender (60 sec on high) or thermi (60 sec, sp 9).
3. Scrape down sides of bowl.
4. Blend further, blender (60 sec on high) or thermi (60 sec, sp 9).
5. Pour vanilla bean paste into jar.

Rule of thumb: 1 tsp vanilla bean paste = 1 whole vanilla bean

Cost comparison: This jar of vanilla bean paste (approx 200g) costs approx $7 for all ingredients. A quick google comparison of store bought premade vanilla bean paste alternatives is about 3 to 4 times the price ($22 – $28) , along with additives and thickeners too.

Vanilla bean paste is also a great alternative to vanilla extract in raw treats where people are looking to avoid alcohol consumption that is used to make vanilla extract (e.g. for children).

vanilla bean paste


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